What jewelry to choose for your man and make him irresistible?

What jewelry to choose for your man and make him irresistible?

Man wearing several punk bracelets

Men's jewelry has established itself today as the essential accessory for gentlemen looking for style. Supposed effect of a society that is becoming more feminized or new virility, men's jewelry defines a look if you know how to choose it.

More than a gift, jewelry symbolizes all the attention you give to your partner. Too often dedicated to women, this present fills many men today. Regardless of its style, jewelry brings much more masculinity to your husband than you imagine. Attacking wrists, knuckles and necks for several years, jewelry intended for men is the real trendy gift for Christmas, birthday or Valentine's Day.

{{amount}} €"}' style="text-align: left;"> Man's wrist with several rock bracelets
Men's jewelry, a revolutionary symbol born in the 1960s.

The sexual revolution began in the 1960s. With it, feminism appeared and homosexuality became uninhibited. Genres and codes are slowly attenuating.

As a result of this development, gentlemen are taking more and more interest in their appearance. Thus, wearing jewelry signals the new fervor for refinement and dandy style.

Bracelets and rings, just like tattoos, become a way to individualize your body and say “I am unique!” »

More than simple vanity, these fashion accessories represent a special meaning.

How to wear men's jewelry?

Assume the bad boy style...

In the men's fashion sector , rock or biker jewelry is on the rise.

These marvels remain timeless because they are stylish, daring, and specifically masculine. Surprisingly original, rock ornaments are easily identified thanks to their bold design and statuesque patterns.

But rest assured, you don't have to be tattooed or ride a Harley to wear and appreciate this kind of jewelry.

A single point in common, the style where the attitude towards a look without limits is assumed.

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...Without being one

A real declaration of freedom and independence, these ornaments are today fashion accessories that all stars and all trendy men are snapping up.

The main thing is to choose them carefully and incorporate them adequately.

This clearly shows that we have changed times! Twenty years ago, this type of jewelry was more akin to provocation and was reserved for suburban bad boys or bikers who wanted to incorporate the codes of rebellion.

If this style has revolutionized the fashion scene, it is because, unlike the previous one, it does not adhere to a tradition of rebellion.

What jewelry to give to a man?

The rock jewelry trend for more charisma

Like an extra touch, rock necklaces, rings or bracelets for men can blend with all styles, whether casual or more conventional. Symbol of rebelliousness, insolent and mysterious, they are far from being monotonous and enhance a slightly classic look.

You certainly also want to see your partner with that damn rock and rebellious style. It's true that girls love this type of Jules and the look they give off.

Because, even more than clothes, jewelry conveys a completely unique aura to the wearer.

Here are all their advantages: they become the subtle touch that very few dare. This detail that makes the difference and propagates individuality.

Some say "minimal" and hostile to style, will find their success overrated and in bad taste, but the actor Johnny Depp, without all his jewelry, would he still be Johnny Depp? Personally, I find that his look corresponds to the soul of the character... Rock n'roll!!

Earrings for men: stop prejudices.

Generally, men's earrings have always been discreet. However, we have seen a change in fashion in recent years.

And some no longer hesitate to wear much more daring ornaments.

Man with spacer type earrings

For example, stud-style earrings, stud earrings, hoop rings and spacers, in a profusion of masculine versions, are now all the rage and are establishing themselves as undeniable assets of seduction .

Actors, sailors, soldiers, athletes... Everyone is flocking to these accessories which have become essential and which do not leave the fairer sex indifferent.

The Biker ring: the timeless one from Mexico

The aftermath of the Mexican Revolution devalued the peso, which was worth almost nothing. Mexican blacksmiths decided to melt down coins to make objects of greater value, including rings.

These rings were first discovered by American motorcycle clubs in the 1940s, and found their way onto bikers' knuckles as bladed weapons and legal replacements for the brass knuckles (favorite weapons of bikers) after the ban in the USA.

Worn on the thumb, middle finger or little finger, the biker ring draws the hand with an inevitable rock and rebel style.

selection of rock rings for stylish men

To summarize ladies, your man can now wear jewelry without fear of any reproach. On the contrary, carefully chosen from the trendy models of zahros , the necklaces, rings, bracelets, watches or earrings are real weapons of seduction which will accentuate or impose the superb and masculine side of your loved one .

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