Twisted Copper Bracelet - Fusion of Energy and Elegance

Twisted Copper Bracelet - Fusion of Energy and Elegance

Our store, initially dedicated to rock-style jewelry, has expanded its offering to meet the kind demands of our customers belonging to the baby boom generation.
In collaboration with our artisan suppliers, we have created a bracelet specially designed to promote their well-being by harnessing the beneficial properties of copper.
This initiative reflects our commitment to meeting the varied needs of our customers, demonstrating our desire to offer solutions adapted to each person, whatever their generation.

The world of therapeutic jewelry offers an endless palette of possibilities, but among them, the twisted copper bracelet stands out for its innovative fusion of magnetotherapy and pure copper.
Let's dive into the world of this exceptional jewel, exploring its benefits and its subtle elegance.

  • The Magnetic Power of Pure Copper

    magnetic copper bangle bracelet

    Our pure copper magnetic bracelet is an ode to harmony and well-being. Equipped with 6 powerful magnets, it combines the soothing properties of these magnets with the anti-inflammatory properties of copper.
    This symbiosis offers a unique experience, providing positive energy and optimized joint comfort.
    Neodymium magnets ensure efficient diffusion of copper in the body, thus maximizing the benefits of this ancestral metal.

Everyday Comfort, Day and Night

magnetic copper bangle bracelet

For maximum effectiveness, we recommend wearing your magnetic copper bracelet both day and night. This continuity allows constant absorption of the benefits of copper, thus promoting positive energy and bodily harmony. The malleability of the bracelet makes it compatible with all wrists, providing a personalized therapeutic solution.

  • Excellent Craftsmanship and Ethnic Design

  • twisted copper bracelet

Handcrafted by our artisan suppliers in Zahros, this piece of jewelry demonstrates their exceptional expertise in copper work. Traditional techniques and premium materials combine to create an elegant and therapeutic bracelet.
The ethnic design and the large width of the bracelet make it equally suitable for femininity and masculinity.

The design of the magnetic copper bangle aims to combine the beauty of design with the benefits of magnetotherapy and copper.
Thus, it becomes an aesthetic and health-beneficial accessory, ready to be worn at work, during special events or during daily activities.

  • Tradition and Benefits: An Ancient History

  • twisted copper bracelet

Although skepticism may surround the benefits of copper bracelets, it goes back generations.
My grandfather already wore a bracelet for its therapeutic properties.
The positive feedback from customers, who experienced significant benefits, particularly with osteoarthritis problems, attest to the effectiveness of these gems.

  • Discoveries on the therapeutic properties of copper bracelets in the 70s"

In the 1970s, an Australian researcher, Doctor WR Walker, conducted a study on the potential therapeutic effects of copper bracelets. His work highlighted the ability of copper , absorbed transdermally, to act as a powerful anti-inflammatory .

Doctor Walker shares his experience: in 1974, an article in an Australian newspaper mentioned that 157 people suffering from rheumatism had experienced relief thanks to wearing copper bracelets . Intrigued by these results, Dr. Walker undertook his own study, involving more than 300 participants with osteoarthritis. The results demonstrated real effectiveness of copper bracelets compared to aluminum placebos. Analyzes also revealed the presence of copper in the sweat of subjects wearing these bracelets, thus confirming their ability to penetrate the body.

In addition to this study, Jean Palaiseul shares a personal anecdote in his work “ The gifts of heaven and earth ”. Having suffered from rheumatic pain, he was advised to wear a copper bracelet by a doctor friend, based on the observations of a Belgian doctor in the Belgian Congo in the 1950s. The latter had noted that women Natives, wearing copper jewelry, were less prone to rheumatism than men of the same community.

These testimonies, although distinct, converge towards a recognition of the possible benefits of copper bracelets in relieving joint pain. They illustrate the growing interest in alternative methods of relief, thus fueling research in this area.

Opting for the copper bangle means choosing a feeling of well-being throughout the day. Elegant, chic, and active, this bracelet ensures singularity and elegance, while offering joint comfort, vitality, and general well-being.

Properties of Copper at Fleur de Peau

The copper bangle allows you to find the properties of copper directly on the skin. The trace elements present in copper are essential for the proper functioning of our body. So, why not just enjoy it by wearing a handcrafted bracelet?

In short, the twisted copper bracelet transcends the simple accessory, offering a synergy between aesthetics and health. By adopting it, you are investing in your physical and mental well-being, while supporting local craftsmanship on the Asian continent. Treat yourself to this fusion of energy and elegance, and live each day with a touch of refinement and vitality.

Well-Being Copper Bangle Bracelet

  • Can everyone use a magnetic copper bracelet?

It is important to note that wearing a magnetic bracelet, whether copper or not, is not recommended in certain situations, including:

  • If you are pregnant,
  • If you use a pacemaker,
  • In case of blood circulation problems.

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