Size guide.

Now that you know your finger size in millimeters
Report this data in the table above to obtain the US size.

Attention: Not all sizes are available on the item you choose.

To measure the circumference of your finger, the most reliable method is to go to a jeweler or a large retailer of jewelry to have your finger measured.

What size should I choose for a bracelet?

The sizes are indicative and vary depending on the type of bracelet, because of the sizes of the stones or the different settings.
It is therefore not always possible to adjust them precisely.

Note the length obtained by measuring your wrist and add 1cm or even 2cm.
For example, if you have a wrist size of 18cm, the ideal size to choose for your bracelet is 19cm.

This also depends on how you want to wear your bracelet.
The average size of bracelets for a woman is around 19cm and 21cm for men.

To wear "exact size": use your measurement.
To wear "close to the skin": add 1 to 1.5cm to your measurement.
For a “loose” fit: add 1.5cm to 2cm.

Guide to measuring wrist size.

If the bracelet you are considering buying is thick (wide in thickness) it will be necessary to add 3 cm to your wrist size.


If you have to give a gift to someone, it is sometimes complicated to take the measurement of a wrist without arousing suspicion! So that you can get an idea of ​​the standard measurements for bracelets, we give you below the standard measurements for women and men so that you know which size to choose.

The size of women's wrists varies depending on the person's body shape. However, we can agree that the standard size of a women's bracelet is around 19 cm. If you want a loose fit on a classic body shape, you can opt for a 20 centimeter bracelet.

Men's bracelets have a standard size of approximately 20 to 21 cm long. The smallest sizes can be 18.5 cm and the largest 23 cm and 24 cm. In this panel, you will need to adjust the choice of the length of the bracelet to the body shape of the man to whom you wish to give a gift.
To be completely transparent, we would like to specify that it is important to choose the right size for customizable items (bracelets and rings among others), because they will not be exchangeable or refundable.
So be careful before placing your order.

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