Take a Style Lesson With These 5 Rock Legends

Take a Style Lesson With These 5 Rock Legends

Who better than 5 rock legends to give yourself a style lesson? From the sexiest to the craziest, discover the secrets of the grunge and punk looks that these trendy icons from the 80s to 2000 unabashedly sport . Actor or singer , each adopts and personalizes their look based on their inspiration and their story. Because appearing marginal is a matter of good taste, decipher their appearance to, in turn, exude confidence and virility , without making a misstep.

Johnny Depp's boho grunge look

Smoked glasses, layering of hats, tattoos, accumulation of rock jewelry highlighted by hair bordering on dirty… No doubt, we are talking about Johnny Depp.

With a style all its own, outside of the current trend, the boho grunge look characterizes its sexy exuberance.

From Edward Scissorhands to Sleepy Hollow via The Mad Hatter or The Pirate of the Caribbean , his different roles under Tim Burton are not indifferent to the development of his final look. Oversized suit and underground creepers or ripped jeans, t-shirt and vintage ankle boots , Johnny remains clinging to his jewelry. Skull signet ring , bohemian racelet , cross pendants, each metal ornament is highlighted to boost its shine.

Studded belt, hat... Right down to the bandana that comes out of your pocket, every accessory is an opportunity to look away from a subtle display.

The provocative style of Serge Gainsbourg

Beyond his falsely slovenly clothing , our Gainsbourg made fun of the rules and loved to provoke.
His playground? TV sets! And if he didn't scath the interviews, he followed songs with shocking lyrics which regularly found themselves censored.

From the chic pianist to the casual Gainsbarre, he is the archetype of the provocative dandy .

With an unshaven beard, a disheveled shirt and a mess of hair , he always seemed to have just rolled out of bed after a drunken evening. However, beneath its faded appearance, its entire appearance is under control.

Nearly 30 years after his death, 'the man with the head of cabbage' still inspires many outfits and remains unbeatable in the combination of denim and military jacket . This jewelry enthusiast never misses an opportunity to display his sober and refined watches, B racelet in onyx and his eternal blue sapphire around his neck. Always the gypsy at her fingertips, with a worried look and a broken nose. More than a rock image , Serge Gainsbourg inspires an attitude.

The Glam Rock spirit of Lenny Kravitz

Her romantic style is worked and refined thanks to her Jewish and Caribbean origins. Born in Manhattan and raised in Los Angeles, these iconic cities have supported these groovy inspirations, ranging from Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye to the essential Rolling Stones.

Far from the bobo dandy type with long hair , Lenny uses these physical attributes as a charming asset. Frizzy hair in dreads and his fleshy complexion... He has everything of a sexy rocker .

Hat, leather jacket and long silver chains up to the rings in the nose and on the nipple, the aura that Lenny exudes exudes exoticism.

Never without his boots, his open shirt above the t-shirt invites you to contemplate his favorite silver chains .

Both glam and reggae, the singer invents his own style. As a tribute to the military career of his uncle, who died in combat, he willingly swaps his tireless dark outfits for brown and khaki colors . Who doesn't remember the famous mesh tank top that reveals his sculpted pectorals and biceps?

Marked by his chain with a pendant carved from a bone, Lenny Kravitz takes care of his irresistible wild side .

Madonna's 80's punk asset

Just the name sounds pop. The years go by and nothing disturbs the Diva's style.

From the start of his career in the 80s, his creativity spilled over into his looks. And the star takes the opportunity to surprise us with each new album.

If her outfits are always more eccentric with age, the queen of pop complements herself in the sure values ​​of black and leather . But the crucifixes and layering of necklaces remain unchanged. Throughout her daring styles , Madonna remains queen in the art and way of shocking people . From colorful and punk outfits to the image of a femme fatale , she continues to seduce numerous couturiers.

The destroyed pinups soul of Amy Winehouse

A true piece of trashy woman, her unforgettable retro style soared with her powerful deep voice.

Pinup from the 50s or destroyed rocker from the 80s , Amy's style was so distinctive that it is unforgettable.

The eyeliner pro shared her addictions and love stories with jazzy notes.

Arms covered in tattoos , dizzying necklines and a scarf in her combed Bardot-style mane, the jazz singer was inspired by the world of gangsters .

The soul icon sported the colors and an array of bling jewelry . Among them, a large mesh chain adorning a regressive pendant.

Strapless dress, short skirt and mini-shorts... Nothing was too fitted or skimpy for this sultry and enigmatic British artist.

Her own style ? Old school and a bit of rockabilly .

By joining the infamous “27 club”, his audacity will remain engraved with subculture and blues personalities like Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

Through their daring, the fashion lessons never end. Adopted and reworked, with a note of identity, these 5 stars succeed in creating a name for themselves, not only through their talent, but through the aura they influence.

From an American style to appear stylish with all simplicity , to the primary and wild energy of the punk side , nothing is too much to satisfy your underground desires . Because it crosses generations, Rock Attitude has no age .
It's your turn to create your own touch using our selection of jewelry and accessories .

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