How to appropriate the punk style today?

How to appropriate the punk style today?

Johnny Rotten says it: “ Being punk is finding your way, your style, above all not stupidly following others”.

Slim ripped jeans, graphic t-shirt, Doc Martens and leather jacket… Have you ever wondered where this fashion heritage comes from? And yes.. From the punk subculture ! Mocked and decried in the 70s, the punk style has taken its revenge in recent years. Far from the stereotype of frustrated and angry teenagers, the punk attitude is still firmly anchored in the trend... But yet the antithesis of what it really means. More conventional and above all marketed, the punk clothing style is nothing without understanding the history of this movement. From grunge to skin or rock, how can you appropriate the punk attitude?

What is punk style?

From its translation "thug", the punk movement appeared in the 70s. Led by young unemployed proletarians, the provocative codes of punk fashion screamed "no future". By raising crests on their heads, forced makeup and black studded outfits, punks opposed the popularity of disco and hippie ideologies. Their harsh style, derived from rock, revolts against capitalism, establishment and conformism. More popular in London, punks emerge in King's Road, where Vivienne Westwood 's "Sex" boutique is located - Thanks to this ex-teacher, the punk attitude is illustrated by torn t-shirts, erotic images and clothing provocative and shocking.

Often overlooked by people trying to replicate the look, political struggle is an important part of punk culture .

Over the years, punks have brought together ethnic minorities, political radicals and neglected citizens - the oppressed and the marginalized of society.

Incarnated by the Sex Pistols against Queen Elizabeth II or the Dead Kennedys accusing the governor of being a fascist pig, punk music groups act as spokespersons for the genre.

Through fashion, hairstyles and music, the punk movement denounces commercialism and the true face of society.

Marketed with My Chemical Romance, Green Day in the 90s, punk rock culture keeps this something very disordered. In response to an ever outdated Politics and economy, people sign their unusual haircut and clothing style, a recognizable distinction.

Know how to distinguish punk subgenres

Like a religion, punk music is listened to as an outlet. From The Clash, All Time Low and Rage Against The Machine, bands in the punk subgenre are becoming more and more visible and so are their anti-consumerism and progressive ideas. Behind the variants of high saturations and leaden riffs... Purists will then be able to distinguish ska punk, horror punk, Oi, steampunk or punk metal ... Like an artistic movement, punk vibrates and evolves to always become more alternative and individual.

Rooted in the subculture of "garage rock", punk rock born in the USA. Today globalized and versatile, this influence has increased tenfold in various definitions.

After the emergence of punk rock groups in New York - like The New York Dolls and The Ramones - punk moved to London... To invade the Camden and Trafalgar Square districts.

But concretely, what are the punk dress codes?

From these beginnings to today, passing through the influences of the world, punk will mainly display black. If safety pins and Iroquois crests stereotype the London punk community, the primary idea is to stand out through a striking provocation.

Synthetics, leather, latex, studded jackets or dramatic makeup play with leopard, neon or tartan prints.

The military tendency can also mix with the rest to support the revolutionary effect. Ranger, jacket and trousers are adorned with steel chains .

From the androgynous style of Patti Smith to Californian hardcore punk with its minimalist and comfortable ornaments... The punk style is also chic and glamorous... Like Karl Lagerfeld.

How to recognize a pop punk today?

If the dog punks and skinheads encountered in the streets illustrate this social differentiation, punks have evolved to become more subtle. Less exuberant and wiser, punk pop always defends their style in a hidden way. Their political protest can be summed up in a simple t-shirt with a message, a metal bracelet or the music they listen to.

If the slightest action announces a statement against politics or man, you are a punk. No need to shave your hair or have piercings to inspire difference, freedom and power to the people!

From these examples, the punk rock attitude can be summed up as supporting and demanding something more important than money. Without it being resolutely political. By offering a strong, identity-based experience to their audience, brands have been able to capture the punk rock state of mind to market it.

In a consumer society where everyone takes the same directions out of security or ignorance, punks know and dare to say no. Going in the opposite direction and asserting yourself undeniably defines the foundation of punk.

As you will have understood, the influence of punk represents a range of ideologies and cultural concepts. While some people use punk for their anger and rage, others embrace the hope and passion of the style to push them to achieve their goals.

Having become fashionable and trendy, the rebellious spirit of punks invades haute couture fashion shows. From this movement which had a profound impact on societies, the greatest couturiers took inspiration from it to make punk glamorous and trendy. Thus sanitized, the punk look in the image of the brands is far from the original identity of the underground movement… Do It Yourself.

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