Women's biker fashion: how to find your biker look?

Women's biker fashion: how to find your biker look?

Fans of Sons of Anarchy or Johnny… Know how to define your biker look with style. As a simple passenger or a committed rider, the woman biker is not a legend. Passionate and a pilot, she combines her style with her bike. So, in a total black look like an incognito, or as an experienced pilot, she takes care of her appearance. Both vintage and modern, the biker style for women is becoming more popular to wear for any occasion.

Light on the different biker looks and how to play with your accessories for a chic and successful rebel look.

Focus on the styles of women on motorcycles

The vintage biker

Do you like old machines and getting your hands dirty with beautiful machines?

So opt for high-top biker boots . In black or brown leather, the laces will give a total vintage look.

For the leather jacket , the one with a fur collar or the motorcycle jacket , decorated with pockets, patches, and retro patterns will support the look.

What's more vintage than faded jeans? But not just any one. For real bikers, choose one approved for motorcycles. Matches your open face helmet with old school colors and patterns.

Take out the plaid flannel or jeans shirt, the road movie style printed t-shirt, Harley Davidson or American flags.

The city car on two wheels

The category of city bikers brings together the largest number of female drivers.

On a scooter or on a small engine, your close-fitting leather jacket or perfecto keeps your femininity, once your two-wheeler is parked.

Zig zag between stationary cars during rush hours or to park more easily, you choose to combine racing car with chic.

To combine motorcycle riding and the day at work, opt for a dual purpose biker look . Finally, to keep your look, go for high black heeled boots. But also the unbeatable perfecto jacket! A shock and urban motorcycle duo.

The sports biker

On a large engine or a motocross, motorcycling is your great passion. You always find an opportunity to ride your bike and tease the asphalt or dirt roads! However, between the leather pants and the suit, the helmet with glasses for motocross or the girly one with a visor... Worlds differ.

The rock biker

Adventurers and rebels, rock bikers , don't lack style when it's time for a ride.

Leather pants or iridescent black jeans [besides, the latter must be thicker than classic jeans for better protection in the event of a fall.] shell boots with buckles that protect your ankles, the studded leather jacket, the skull t-shirt and the stylish belt... They display an intimidating rock style to stand out on the roads.

The country rider

Never without her cowboy boots, her blue jeans and her fringed jackets, the Texan from the asphalt loves her Harley Davidson and other customs. Quiet and adventurous, she loves spending hours exploring different landscapes and looking elsewhere if she is there! With her, it's leather, denim or velvet, but always brown.

For jeans fans, forget the flare and bootcut cut and prefer skinny and straight cuts. More sexy and comfortable, you will be supported from the thighs to the ankles.

How to accessorize your biker look?

Trendy and sexy, the biker style is a clothing fashion that can be adopted even without having a motorcycle license! Less restrictive than using specialized and approved clothing, keep the basics and enhance everything with biker accessories. The winning combo: the leather jacket, boots and jeans or leather effect pants.

Motorcycle jacket for women

The leather motorcycle jacket is one of the essential rock pieces, but now adapts to bohemian, chic and casual looks. By covering all your dresses, slim jeans or mini-skirts, the biker jacket works every time! Better still, it is a sexy alternative to bring a little masculinity to your glamorous outfit.

Motorcycle boots

Show off your badass biker look with waxed treggings and studded ankle boots.

With a short skirt, over slim jeans or to twist the blue flower effect of a long dress, biker boots are not limited to motorcycle outfits. But for bikers who never go out without their pumps, take them in the top box!

Biker accessories and jewelry

Whatever the style, bikers love to wear jewelry. They are even essential for sharpening the biker look. Their patterns always have powerful connotations: skulls, eagles, snakes or other strong symbols. They show your fearlessness in the face of danger and death. These biker rings and pendants inspire the spirit of freedom and independence that motorcycle tours offer.

> Find the full meaning of the skull in this article .

Massive and silver, these jewels adorn the wrists, fingers and neck... But also your boots and your jacket! Don’t hesitate to customize your accessories with fine silver chains. Among the most fashionable, skull bracelets in leather and metal ! With their careful design, they bring an inimitable connection with speed and hair in the wind!

Whether you prefer to remain discreet or stand out when you are a woman behind the handlebars, taking care of your clothing style is as important as pampering your motorcycle.

As a female biker , we like to create a surprise by catching the eye of others while waiting for the light to turn green. Chic and rebellious, the image of the biker and proud of it, allows you to maintain your femininity, even on the saddle. Discover, too, how to start your look with as much style as the roar of a motorcycle!

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