How to master the Rock Look after 50?

How to master the Rock Look after 50?
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Having style after 50 is not the easiest thing. Always connected and in tune with the times , the 2.0 fifty-year-olds have not yet said their last word. By opting for the timeless rock look , the old beaus ensure. Their solution? Twist iconic pieces and punk accessories to gain a few years, without too much effort.

Why give yourself a rock look at 50 ?

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For both men and women, rock style is the symbol of a generation with a rebellious mindset that has never ceased to exist. Steeped from rock music groups, the punk, grunge or alternative style has become more popular since the 60s. Sporting these non-conformist ideas, after the age of 50 , breaks the codes and allows you to recall the strong character that makes you what you are. Today.

Always trendy, the rock look knows no fashion effect, it is a safe bet to assert your look and give a side that ensures... Even after 50 years !

Finally, largely revisited, the rock spirit combines with many other trends such as bohemian, glam and chic . It is an infinite source of adaptation with the power to transform your very classic outfits into a total trendy look .

Leather centerpieces for a stylish fifty-something

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If the original pieces are generally masculine, the rock clothing and accessories have passed into the hands of women without batting an eyelid.

Revisited or not, some of these leather pieces are still essential to have in the dressing room:

  • The Leather Perfecto: for men or women, this jacket commands respect and can be sufficient in itself. As long as you add a metallic touch like studs, zips, rivets and buttons . Without it, consider steel necklaces, rings and bracelets which will do the job just as well.
  • Rock shoes: never neglect your shoes! Your shoes are the key indicator to measure your level of fashion style. Sneakers, ankle boots, pumps, converse or rangers, wear the ones in which you are most comfortable as long as they are black, with or without silver decoration.
  • Skin pants or skirts: a strong item in any wardrobe, they enhance the look and give free rein to new combinations that stop boredom. A neat belt for a gentleman and a studded handbag for madame will adorn everything.

The indisputable basics of any graying rebel .

Because we are not all covered in tattoos, the Rock Attitude manifests itself in your general appearance. And after 50 years , there are non-negotiable adjustments so as not to discredit your sartorial efforts.

Accepting your decade begins with accepting your presbyopia.

Forget your pharmacy magnifying glasses and invest in a pair of glasses that don't scream “I'm an ocular prosthesis”! The time of shame is over, glasses have become trendy accessories, if well chosen, according to the lines of your face and your correction. So opt for acetate, round metal and other vintage shapes, but please, forget the rimmed or colored glasses! “Invisible” or “funny” effects are not trendy .

A little hair refresh: another detail that makes all the difference.

Dandy chic or bohemian look, gentlemen, take inspiration from the rock trends of the moment and let the hairdresser run scissors and clippers over your hair. Is your mane at half mast? Make a clear space! It's hipper to be bald than to fight with what little you have left. In addition, barbers have flourished since the boom in hipster style. Take the opportunity to trim your beard carefully, whether it is 3 weeks or 6 months old. As for you, ladies, cut my hair off! Well structured, short cuts bring so much more dynamism.

No compromise on sunglasses to have a good look

Planted in the middle of the face, sunglasses are far from going unnoticed by those who pass you. Make the effort to opt for a Pilot, Wayfarer or Clubmaster style pair... Rayban's iconic rocks , to name but a few. And, icing on the cake, a Bracelet of character to honor your wrist as much as your handshakes.

Distinguish the total Look from the rock touch when you reach fifty .

Because we no longer dress at 50 like we did at 20, having style when you are fifty means having the maturity to measure and impose respect for a perfectly underlined and controlled style. Unless you adopt the biker style, the total leather look is not the best effect.

Think jeans! But not just any... Neither too wide nor too tight, take the time to try on these rock masterpieces in a dedicated boutique. And set your sights on the cut that perfectly fits your body shape. The denim shirt is also a rebel wardrobe essential .

To do it right, revisit your wardrobe, take out your great classics and add a touch of the unexpected. The idea is to create surprise, to break the codes to better attract attention. A guaranteed “wow” effect, thanks to steel Skulls jewelry , trendy black and studded sneakers , which will (re)awaken a half-dark , half-cool side.

If the silhouette loses its steam a little with age, falling into classic, comfortable conformity will not do you any favors.
Today, fifty-year-olds have style and staying in style requires mastering a trendy clothing look . Are you interested in rock style ? Find out which Jewelry to choose to make your Look irresistible

Is rock style right for me?

After this supratheoretical paragraph, let's come back to Earth a little. No, not everyone is Johnny Depp, and you probably always want to have that famous rock and rebel style, we're not going to hide it, girls love it anyway!

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