How to boost your sex appeal with natural stone bracelets?

How to boost your sex appeal with natural stone bracelets?

The modern man today wears jewelry without complexes. Accustomed to virile ornaments via leather or steel materials, today's gentlemen no longer hide from even displaying pearl bracelets . At first glance feminine, these gemstone jewelry are anything but. New trend in men's bracelets , discover what 's so curious about semi-precious stones to reveal irresistible sex appeal.

Play on their mysterious energetic benefits

Men have always respectfully exploited the mystical beauty of volcanic stones. Their shine, transparencies and incredible colors make these jewels symbolic accessories loaded with eroticism. If wearing an energy bracelet for men has such an impact on his virility, then which protective stone should you choose ?

Lava stones appreciated by men of character

  • Onyx and its black color bring, in addition to its power , concentration which helps with speaking and self-esteem. This stone of rooting to the Earth symbolizes physical and moral strength in the face of hard knocks.
  • Tiger's eye is an amber protective stone. Its benefits against the maliciousness of others and negative waves also heal the nervous system and joints. Powerful and seductive virtues for our men.
  • Black agate is another anchor stone suitable for the most charismatic in search of inner harmony, positive energy that balances emotions.

Protective channeling amulets

  • Turquoise is considered a stone of life . Its de-stressing properties control emotions and positivity. It will delight creative and sensitive souls.
  • The blue of Lapis Lazulis , known as "the stone of stones", soothes and strengthens feelings of love, self-confidence and in relationships with others.
  • Jade values ​​justice , truth and tempers the most lively men.
  • Hematite influences the patience of even the most angry people and brings them back to listening to themselves.

The art of wearing a semi-precious stone bracelet

How many beaded bracelets on the wrist?

Quickly adored by celebrities, wearing pearl jewelry , initially for their originality, has become addictive. Like them, start by testing your look with a simple lithotherapy bracelet . That is to say, designed from a single type of stone in neutral colors like the obsidian bracelet . Little by little, have fun adding more. You will be able to play on the trend of cumulative bracelets. Then focus on your energy needs and adorn your arm with complementary semi-precious stones.

Large pearl bracelets are rare . Often discreet in nature, some are distinguished by symbolic decorations such as skulls, Buddha, tree of life, etc. However, the diameters of the pearls can vary from 6 to 10 mm. Opt for the smaller ones if you want to display several or to remain discreet. The larger ones will suit men looking to stand out with a single model.

On which wrist should you wear your fine stone jewelry?

We might think the choice is trivial, but, depending on practicality and beliefs, the position of men's bracelets deserves attention.

If your bracelet has a clasp, prefer to wear it on the side opposite the dominant hand in order to put it on and take it off more easily.

As for those who embrace jewelry in all its forms, be strategic and consider balancing the positioning of your rings, watches and other bracelets of different styles. For example, balance your bracelets on the opposite arm of the hand that honors your skull ring. The latter, by its nature, already clearly asserts your personality.

Know your stone of life and assume your masculinity

A gemstone jewelry reveals your personality

Between wealth, ideology or communitarianism, jewelry often reveals part of your character.

In addition to being fashionable, these semi-precious stone bracelets are charged with energy which can accompany you in your daily life.

To choose the right one, let yourself be guided by the visual charm of volcanic stones. This can come from:

  • Your taste for the color of a particular gem.
  • The harmony of colors when the bracelet is made up of several types of stones.
  • What she inspires you in terms of style.

To offer a beaded bracelet to a man without making a mistake, rely on his birthstone, his clothing style, his favorite color or his energy needs, via the virtues of rocks on well-being and health.

If you have any doubt, refer to the behavioral accuracy of the stars . Very linked to the energies of fine stones , the zodiac signs say a lot about the character and colors of the associated minerals .

A fashionable ornament adapted to your lifestyle

From an external point of view, gemstone bracelets for men note a certain open-mindedness in the face of the spirituality they exude. Used and adored in many cultures and religions, these ancestral volcanic stones bring back the simplicity of life, the harmony of body and mind. A true quest for inner well-being.

As trendy as vintage or ethnic, the stone bracelet is suitable for any type of man .

The rebellious spirit of pearl and skull bracelets, the bohemian effect with the representation of the 7 chakras, religious symbols like the gem bracelet and the hand of fatma or the head of Buddha... These treasures of the world and the earth are worn with respect as a talisman in homage to a heritage of great importance.

Where to find pearl bracelets for men?

Gentlemen, if natural stone jewelry appeals to you, there is no need to resist the charms of minerals. Indeed, it is said in lithotherapy that it is the stones that choose you and not the other way around. To increase your style and elegance or to develop your esotericism, you have every reason in the world to let yourself be tempted by pearl bracelets . And Zahros understood this well. This is why our pearl bracelet collection includes a wide range of models with different protective stones with or without decorative details. All selected by us to ensure high quality ornaments.

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