Jewelry with semi-precious stones and star sign: which one is right for me?

Jewelry with semi-precious stones and star sign: which one is right for me?

Whether you're a fan of alternative medicine or not, the appeal of jewelry with semi-precious stones is more than just a fashion statement. Their energetic virtues are an additional asset to the beauty of your bracelet or necklace . In order to be perfectly connected with your ornament, in lithotherapy , it is preferable to know yourself well. Relying on your astrological sign is one of the solutions to discover which semi-precious stones resonate with you.

If it is difficult to find the gemstones that meet your needs , your astrological sign can help you. Indeed, our personality and our character are determined by the position of the stars. Like numerology and plants, lithotherapy and astrology are closely connected .

Rebel Heart Colorful Bracelet

What semi-precious stones to wear for Fire signs?

  • Are you Aries? Direct and instinctive, you have an explosive character. This is why anger gets to you quickly. By influencing your dynamism and creativity, stones like red jasper, amethyst, garnet, agate and aquamarine are your semi-precious stones of choice .
  • Powerful and dominant, citrine, tourmaline, tiger's eye and onyx will encourage Leo in his dynamism and thirst for learning.
  • Passionate and determined, Scorpio is criticized for their authority and manipulative side. To this, the love of rose quartz , and the protective power of obsidian complement each other with moonstone and tourmaline , in the choice of ideal energy stones .
  • The distracted and optimistic Sagittarius should surround himself with fine crystals such as amethyst, labradorite or lapis lazuli to help with concentration while promoting his self-confidence.

The ideal energy stones for Air signs

  • Known for being difficult to get a hold of, Geminis are nevertheless curious and open people. The gems tourmaline, citrine, agate and tiger's eye are associated with them to balance physical and intellectual emotions.
  • If Libra is full of love, their personality is nevertheless complex. To regain confidence, she must surround herself with lapis lazuli, tourmaline or peridot .
  • In love and at work, Aquarius is unstable. Her strong desire for independence corresponds to amethyst, moonstone, labradorite, garnet or aquamarine stones.

Hermiston pearl and skull bracelet

Natural minerals that coincide with Water signs

  • To compensate for Cancer's hypersensitivity, jasper stone, agate, moonstone or rhodonite will help them find harmony, while rebalancing their emotional excesses.
  • Pessimistic Pisces? Surround yourself with energies that boost your self-confidence and ward off bad influences thanks to carnelians, lapis lazuli and sunstones.

Choose jewelry with fine stones that vibrate with the Earth signs

  • Taurus is another choleric person, if one goes against his feelings. Both a go-getter and a magnet, he needs natural minerals that bring self-confidence . For example rose quartz and pyrite .
  • Discreet and down to earth, Virgos will be attracted to stones which will give them confidence and social openness. This is the case for amazonite, moonstone, agate, garnet or peridot.
  • A true confidant, Capricorn is nevertheless a pessimist who prevents himself from moving forward. In lithotherapy , we advise wearing obsidian , sunstone or smoky quartz to combat fear and stress .

Because it is never easy to judge ourselves, the truth of the astral signs about our personality is a good indicator when we are about to treat ourselves to an energetic jewel.
Opening up to the natural attraction of the mineral is also a first thoughtful and spontaneous way of connecting to it. Discover our b racelet collection to inspire you, choose your vibration bracelet.

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