Jewelry and men

Forgotten for decades, jewelry is once again taking over men's wrists, knuckles and necks. Effect of a supposed feminization of society or accessory of a new virility?

Today, according to some women, a man who wears jewelry would be sexy!. Indeed, many women are more attracted to men who wear jewelry than to others who do not. It’s a sign that we have really changed times! A few decades ago, this type of look was more akin to provocation and was reserved for young people from the suburbs who wanted to stand out.

Getting out of the divides

But everything changes. The 1960s marked the beginning of the sexual revolution. Feminism appears, homosexuality is no longer hidden, the roles are changing. “This development leads men to be more interested in their appearance. Wearing jewelry is part of a new craze for beauty, for a certain dandyism”
Jewelry, just like tattoos, becomes a way to distinguish one's body, to say “I exist, I am unique, look at me!” »
This is what our ornaments allow us to “stand out from the crowd”; the trend is slowly moving towards an attenuation of sexual codes and genders. Whether he has a more business, roots, or more casual look, the modern man can use jewelry to make them essential accessories.
Gentlemen, you now know what you need to do to refine your look and be sexy!



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